Whose Tradition?

Tate Liverpool Exhibition

The Tate Liverpool's exhibition Whose Tradition? explores artistic traditions and the give-and-take of ideas between European and the African diaspora. It presents a much-needed re-examination of the positive artistic and intellectual contributions from often overlooked artists like Belkis Ayón and Wilfredo Lam, both housed in the von Christierson Collection. 


As expressed by the institution, 

"Different world cultures have always been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout history. Although this has led to important artistic developments, it is a complex story that has rarely been carried out on equal terms."


The exhibition is an important step in building a real shared cultural history of ideas. It challenges a discourse often focused only on European artistic developments, often while dismissing the complexity, depth and importance of art of the African diaspora. 


While the exhibit is currently closed to the public, it can be viewed online HERE.


February 25, 2021