Raul Campos Millennium

The Carrillo Gil Art Museum presents the exhibition Exploratory Exercises 2. Contemporary Creators in the MACG Collection , which, in addition to reviewing more than 700 pieces that make up the contemporary core of its collection, aims to show that art made by women it does not always fall into the category of "feminine", in addition to showing the reduced representation of the creators.


Carlos Palacios, one of the curators, explains to MILENIO about the 46 pieces that make up the sample: “We did not choose works that speak of femininity or that have a feminine touch, but those in which issues that men also address are raised , any person or gender, because feminine art is always associated with a very particular aesthetic or that has to do with certain conditions exclusive to women ”, adds Palacios.


The curator details that when exploring the pieces of the collection, it was concluded that there was an imbalance: of the 336 creators that make up the collection, 284 (85 percent) are men; of the 356 solo exhibitions she has had since 1977, only 87 have been by women.

Among the 25 artists that make up the show are Elvira Gascón, Ambra Polidori, Ofelia Márquez Huitzil, Marta María Pérez Bravo, Yani Pecanins, Magali Lara and Beatriz Zamora.


Source: Millennium

December 6, 2016