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First established in 1851, the town of Brentwood now has a majority-Hispanic population, primarily from countries in Central and South America. That's one reason that Armando Mariño selected the Brentwood station as the site for his work, The Guardian Angel, which was unveiled in November.


"With this work, I try to connect the past and the present of Brentwood," Mariño wrote in a statement about the project. The focus of his work is an owl-a protector spirit of the town, according to a local story dating from 1877-and native flowers representing the demographic mix of Brentwood's population: Mexican dahlias, Peruvian cantua buxifolia, the Salvadorean flor de izote, and native flowers of Long Island.


"This 'ecologically impossible foliage' meets reality on the surface of the painting," Mariño wrote. He chose to execute the work in laminated glass to capture the transparency and luminosity of the original watercolor. And, he noted, glass needs to be handled gently, like the balance and harmony of every society.


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February 6, 2019