Granma - Diana Ferreiro
For the first time in a Havana Biennial, the works of the 22 National Plastic Arts Awards are brought together in a collective exhibition, which seems like a retrospective of the best of the visual arts in Cuba.

The first colá, title of the exhibition that opened last night at the Fresa y Chocolate Cinematographic Cultural Center, also included a kind of performance where coffee was sneaked into those present in the most traditional way, thanks to a work by Osneldo Gracía, National Prize in 2003.

Although some of the pieces on display clearly expose who their creators are and where they come from, others represent lesser-known periods of the artist, such as the abstracts by Raúl Martínez.

With the curatorship of Teresa Gómez Acosta and Yeray Tolentino, La primera colá set out to put together an exhibition where generational or aesthetic differences did not prevail, and where no particular artist was given prominence. From drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures, ceramics, photographs and serigraphs, the 22 artists who have deserved the distinction since 1994, will have their space —together—, in this 12th Biennial of Havana.

Those who visit the Strawberry and Chocolate then until June 22, will be able to appreciate the pieces by Raúl Martínez González, Rita María Longa Aróstegui, Agustín Cárdenas, Raúl Corrales Fornos, Alfredo Sosabravo, Julio Girona, Antonio Vidal, Ruperto Jay Matamoros, Manuel Mendive Hoyo , Adigio Benítez, Osneldo García, Roberto Fabelo, José Gómez Fresquet, Pedro Pablo Oliva, René de la Nuez, José Ramón Villa Soberón, Nelson Domínguez, René Francisco Hernández, Ernesto Fernández, Ever Fonseca, Eduardo Ponjuán and Lázaro Saavedra; in a sample that transpires Cuban identity, history, culture and nation through each of his works.

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May 29, 2015