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 Under the title Intuition Times, more than a dozen Cuban artists participate in the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale, one of the most important visual arts events in the world. The exhibition is located in the Loredan Palace, an old Venetian building that since 1838 is the headquarters of the Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts, and is located a few steps from San Marco Square.


Tiempos… occupies both floors of the majestic Venetian palace where, displayed by rooms and libraries, it is now possible to find works by Abel Barroso, Iván Capote, Roberto Diago, Roberto Fabelo, José Manuel Fors, Aimée García, Reynier Leyva Novo, René Peña, Wilfredo Prieto and Mabel Poblet. Also by Carlos Martiel, Meira Marrero & José Ángel Toirac, José E. Yaque and Esterio Segura.


Recognized as the oldest of its kind in the world, the Venice Biennale kicked off last May and will run until November 26. Approximately 120 artists from all over the planet participate, coming from 86 nations.

The presence of Cuban art is higher than in previous years, said Jorge Fernández Torres, curator of the exhibition and director of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Cuba. It is also the first time that creators of the Island have completely occupied one of the Venetian palaces, which confirms the vitality and recognition that our creators have.

The motto of the 57th edition of the Biennial is Viva Arte Viva. The event's message is to face the retrograde forces of our time. "Today's art, in the face of the conflicts and problems of the world, testifies to the most valuable part of humanity," stressed Christine Macel, its main curator.


Source: Rebel Youth

May 9, 2017