Ibrahim Miranda(Pinar del Rio, 1969)

The words have to be enticed out of Ibrahim Miranda’s mouth, one by one. His sentences are brief, sporadic, with long pauses, and are often condensed into a simple head movement, affirmative or negative. Sometimes there is a smile of approval or a laugh. I have never seen him worked up, or heard his voice raised. Yet one always feels the presence of a great inner, containement, like a pressure cooker.

Los Novios (The Bridal Couple)

Of slighter appearance, even caricaturesque, this xylograph is a summarized expression of the strong connection that has always existed between Africa and America. As the title says, they are lovers, a couple. However, curiously enough, although Africa has always been conceived as the mother of humankind, here it is represented as the father. Perhaps since the artist is an Afro-descendant man, he unconsciously identified himself with the African continent. The couple looks at each other and is about to kiss. But both continents are caught in enormous nets that keep them apart. And we already know what these nets are: they were knitted a long time ago by colonialism and are still held in place by the near invisible hands of global capitalism. Ibrahim Miranda has outlined this in a simple and comprehensible way, using the resources of old and popular printmaking.

Year: 2004
Technique: Woodcut on paper
Size: 98 x 101 cm

Theme: gender religion politics