Elio Rodríguez(Havana, 1966))

At first, one might find the work of Elio Rodríguez shocking or unusual, especially those who have taken the premises of negritude or blackconsciousness too seriously. Or those who apply an introspective approach related to the traumatic psychological experiences that the famous psychoanalyst from Martinique, Frantz Fanon, explored in his writings. In fact there is no painful exploration of his existential condition as a black man in the works of Elio Rodríguez. There is no trauma. No black lament. Neither can we find any thirst for vengeance. No revanchism.

El Jinetero (The rider) From Cubanísimas series)

In his canvas El Jinetero, 2007, the advertising medium of reference was not a poster, but an illustration from an old cigar box, in which a black faun and a white woman appear as the main characters of a sexual and cultural exchange where the faun (the Macho, now in his role of successful jinetero) plays his enormous “maracas” and seems to have conquered the white woman by offering her his large “cigar”. Surrounding the scene are the typical Cuban products that this time include the presence of a policeman, who works as supervisor (and sometimes facilitator or middleman) of this new form of intercultural prostitution.

Year: 2007
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 100 x 150 cm

Theme: gender