Yoan Capote(Pinar del Río, Cuba, 1977)

Yoan Capote may be the first Cuban artist to be directly interested in artistically exploring the small physical, sensorial, emotional, psychological and even glandular or endocrine reactions that the human being experiences. For a long time the wonderful and multiple functions of our bodies were neglected as a topic or source of inspiration for the creation of artistic works.

El beso (The Kiss)

The first version of this work was part of his second personal exhibition in 1998, titled ULM. Spelling out these three letters in Spanish reads like the words huéleme (smell me). This installation was known locally by this name until the title was replaced by El Beso, maybe to avoid the difficulties of understanding among viewers who do not speak Spanish and also to emphasize the interactive character that the work acquires during its exhibition. Since each nose has an inner pad with different perfumes, the spectator has to go close to smell the different fragrances and is forced to make a similar gesture to kissing a person. As each nose is different, and has different colours and shades, some darker than others, the pseudo-kiss may be understood as an inter-racial kiss between white and black or between people of different racial identities. This is the only work by Yoan Capote that points intentionally to the problem of racial relationships, in this case, proposing an ingenious way of expressing sympathy and making contact. Being a white artist, he admits, however, that as a child his relatives told him that he had "the nose and the buttocks of a black man" , so that the matter of race has been one of his concerns and we may expect more work related to this topic in the future.

Year: 1997/2009
Technique: Installation, bronze with different patina, perfume essence and sponge
Size: 7.5 x 4 x 4.5 cm (each piece)

Theme: race