Oswaldo Castillo Vázquez(Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba, 1967)

Of rural origin, Oswaldo Castillo migrated in the early 1990s from the eastern area of Cuba to the capital looking for better living conditions. During those years, those of us who lived in Havana thought that our situation was bad (blackouts, shortage of supplies, transport problems, dilapidated streets), but in the cities and towns of the interior and in the rural areas, things were much worse. The situation of those who lived in the rural areas in the eastern provinces, like the Castillo family, seems to have been untenable.

Boda campesina (Country wedding)

The painting Boda Campesina refers to a mixed marriage between a black woman and a white man. The spectator discovers that this mix is also present in many of the weddings guests and even the animals surrounding the event, which forces us to consider it as something normal. Small dogs, lizards, cows and oxen with coats of different colours are united in sexual, loving activities. Treated with grace in a pleasant, picturesque setting, Castillo transmits his optimism with regard to the noncontroversial character of the biological crossbreeding that has been so abundant in the history of the Cuban people.

Year: 2008
Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 79 x 99 cm

Theme: tradition nature