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Chris von Christierson’s Decade-Long Afro-Cuban Art Odyssey

Nicholas Forrest

“Without Masks” at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (MNBA) in Havana, Cuba is an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Without Masks: Contemporary Afro-Cuban Art collection. Founded in 2007 by London-based South African collector and businessman Chris von Christierson in collaboration with Cuban curator Orlando Hernández and the Watch Hill Foundation, the collection consists of more than 450 works by 41 artists.

Curated by Orlando Hernández and showcasing 149 works by 40 artists from the last 30 years, the “Without Masks” exhibition at MNBA features works in a range of media spanning paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and more by artists such as Wifredo Lam, Bernardo Sarría Almoguea, Belkis Ayón Manso, Manuel Mendive Hoyo, José Bedia Valdés, Juan Carlos Alom, Elio Rodriguez, Roberto Diago Durruthy, Andres Montalván, and Douglas Pérez Castro.

Commenting on the Without Masks collection, Hernández said: “What distinguishes the collection and renders it exceptional is that it assembles for the first time such a numerous and varied group of Cuban artists and works devoted to exploring two great themes that hitherto have been regarded separately, namely cultural and religious traditions of Africa in Cuba, and the multiple problems and conflicts related to race.”

To find out more about the “Without Masks” collection and the exhibition at MNBA, which is on show until October 2, BLOUIN ARTINFO’s Nicholas Forrest got in touch with Chris von Christierson asked him some questions.

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Installation view of Without Masks.

Chris von Christierson’s Decade-Long Afro-Cuban Art Odyssey

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